Always Be Nice to Your Escorts

There is no doubt that escorts play a vital role in our lives. They provide us with the best form of entertainment that we can only dream about. Due to these reasons, it is imperative that we give prostitutes the respect they deserve. Moreover, being an escort is a career like any other. And, it takes a lot of courage and self-awareness for one to venture into such a field.
How you treat an escort greatly determines the service you will receive. Here are some ways on how you can be nice to prostitutes.

  1. Ask What Her Name is

Most people make the mistake of jumping straight into business with an escort. Asking her name is not only a polite thing to do, but it also helps build a relationship between you. By asking her name, it shows the escort you do care about her, and she will reciprocate.

  1. Talk to Her in a Gentle Voice

An escort is not a slave. And just because you are paying her, it doesn’t mean that you should command her. She can easily decline your offer if you talk to her in a rude way. Always address a prostitute with a gentle tone. She will like your personality and will go extra lengths to make you happy. Even if you are into BDSM, make sure that you tell her what you need gently.

  1. Discuss the Services You Need Prior to the Meet

Another way on how you can be nice to an escort is by discussing the services you need before the meet. Don’t just ambush out of the blues and she wasn’t prepared. If you are going to have her go down on you, discuss these terms with her first. She should be aware of all your needs before the meet.

  1. Bring Her Flowers during Dates

Bringing a lady some flowers not only shows how nice you are but it also categorizes you as a gentleman. And, ladies love gentlemen. Therefore if you want to get more out of an escort encounter, try being a gentleman.

  1. Pay at the Beginning of the Date

It is courteous always to pay upfront before the date. Most escorts demand this since after the service some people might decline to pay. Paying before the date portrays you as genuine, and the escort can trust you.

  1. Feel Free to Tip

If you enjoyed the services, then you should give her a tip. That shows you are not only a nice person, but you do appreciate what she is doing.

The above are ways on how you can be nicer to escorts. By following these tips, you will notice a big difference in your encounter with different escorts.

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